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Saturday 3 December 2016

TravelogHalal | Halal Fast Food in Nice, France

Salam my muslims peeps. Having halal late lunch in l'unik ( L'unik fast food) beside Isla burger (check out my previous post on Isla Burger) where I have my first food in Nice, France. Affordable price and so many choices.

They have steak, pasta, tacos and so much more! 3 margaritas cost you only €10 while regular pizza(32cm) cost you €6.90! Staff here are very friendly and nice also they speak basic english which is very helpful for tourists like me.

I ate Pizza Algerienne with a soft drink which cost me €10.40!

Alhamdulillah and blessed for full stomach even I'm craving more Italian pizza at Pizza & Kebab shop in Milan (check out my previous post for Pizza & Kebab food in Milan) which the taste still remain on my mind .

Have a good day everyone! Love ❤️!

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