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Thursday 7 May 2020

Halal Pizza Restaurant in Venice...and it's Pure Halal!


We stay 3 days in Venice, exploring all water canals and walk through all the places and streets. We really missed our Malaysian food or Indian food rather than taken breads and milks or coke! At the middle of Venice hart, at last we found one pizza and kebab shop. And the best part was, it was really pure halal, not only preparing the 'muslim's friendly food' but real halal food.

You want to know what real halal? and who verify it 100% halal? Real halal means the owners of the restaurant, cafe or stalls, willingly put their halal signage in a very clear space and easy to see. The foods they preparing is 100% halal and there's no alcohol or lickers, no pigs, or whatever that can't be consumed by Muslims. Its a religion, not culture nor concept of racist or discriminating other's right, it just a religion submissions to God Allah!

Nobody actually care why they want to put the halal signage. This country (Italy) have a very little population of Muslims. There's no restriction that they must showcase the halal signage if they want to tell customers that they are preparing the halal foods. Nobody forced them, its just their inner-self desire to put that signage. We respect this kind of integrity. Normally we can see other cafe (some of it are Muslim's owners) are still selling all kind of non-halal types together with the halal. In a lot of cases, we have to ask them whether you serve halal or vegetarians.

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