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Friday 3 February 2017

Traveloghalal | The Peace in Oslo, Norway

 Asalam peeps,

Hope whoever is reading this post will find themselves in a good health and full blessings from Allah SWT..

As today, I’m about to write about one of the friendly and peaceful country, Norway. According to The Telegraph, Norway is listed in top 20 of The World’s safest countries and I experienced it first hand to agree with the post. I’ve visited Oslo, Norway in April 2016, which was in the middle of my mid terms in Leeds University, United Kingdom. I stumbled across my junk mail from the which offered me around £20 return from Manchester to Oslo,Norway. I took the chance since I couldn’t stand the depressing weather in Leeds anymore longer, bought the ticket and started to packed on the last day before leaving.

I was very lucky, I’ve booked a hostel for myself at first with shared bathroom and kitchen in, which I remembered was the cheapest but quite far from the tourist attraction, Anker Hostel with the price 640NOK, but 2 days before the travel date, offered me of 660NOK of hotel private room with 3 single bed, with private kitchen in it. I accept the deal and cancel the previous one, unfortunately I couldn’t remember the hotel name but there was no lift in the hotel and my room was located in 3rd floor. I suggest to all travelers to always book a place where you can cancel the booking, because will always offer you last minute deal which more valuable than the one that you’ve picked but remember to check the detail and reviews of the hotels too.

I fall in love with Norway just because of the kind-hearted people that lives in the country. Multi-races unite for only one purpose, peace. They fight to have equal rights for all religions which what fascinate me the most as I’m living in the era where race discriminations and hate-crimes are springing up like mushrooms after rain.

I arrived from Ryyge Airport to Oslo Bus Station around almost midnight and cost me 160NOK (RM 86 approximately). I was having difficulties to find the exit from Oslo bus station since all the signboard are in Norwegian language, the most typical thing I did is following the crowd that were in the same bus with me. As I follow them further, I noticed most of them stop in a bus stop, I checked the number of the bus stop and the map of bus route shown in the bust stop, as I was busy looking my phone, the bus route where I stand and a bus stops next to it, a gentlemen told me to go down further as he heard me whispering ‘N5’ when I was checking my google maps for the bus stop where I needed to be.

Dear peeps, whoever are using Iphone, I suggest it is much better to install Google Maps instead of using the provided app in Iphone. Google Maps are more reliable in Europe countries, they can indicate bus stop nearby you and once you hop in the bus, the Google maps can also tell you which stop you need to be at, in simple word, they have update bus route that you can follow without needing other apps, but if you need a application that can also show information of other public transport in Oslo, download Ruter Reise, this applications are complete in information and timetable of public transportation in Oslo from bus, train, tram, subway and ferries.

When I arrived to N5 bus stop, I’ve realized that I missed the last bus, I went to the next bus stops beside N5, I checked the bus route and saw that bus also will stop at Toyen now that the route will be longer compare if I took the bus at N5, but I’ve still have some other doubt because like in England, some location might have same name with completely different location, the only way to differentiate them by postcode. While I’m standing at the bus stop worrying about it, I’m thinking to check Uber’s price to go to my hotel. Unfortunately, the Uber’s price is too expensive, I remember the approximate price was around £15-£20 which as a student, this must be avoid if I didn’t to want to end up broke coming back to England. I was relieved when an asian lady greet me and asked me if I need help, I asked her about the location and she told me I can hop in to the next bus as I’m lucky because it will be the last bus for the night.

When the bus arrived, I went to the driver to pay for the ticket, the bus driver told me the price is 140NOK, my face changed to hear the price, I can’t believe how expensive the public transport can be. I give the driver one note of 500NOK, the bus driver looked at my face and and shook his head and ask me to get my sit. I was so happy and turn back to find the Asian lady, I sit facing her and we start to have conversation, she told me to download visitnorway application so it will be easier to find tourist attraction around Norway. The application consist of Map of Norway with marked icon of museums, showcase, events and much more. Once more I feel like my arrival to Norway was a blessings when the lady told me that tomorrow(Sunday), the Ministry of Tourism Norway giving free Oslo Pass for 24 hours which worth for 395NOK, with this pass I can get free public transportation including ferries! Free museums entrance and some of showcase events. All I have to do is to be at Radhuset from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. and make sure to get the pass as earlier as I could since most of the museums are closed early in Sunday. I suggest to all the traveler buy the pass, it is really worth it. You can buy the Oslo pass in visitnorway website or at their local sales point here.

I get down on the Toyen bus stops and again I was puzzled with my locations, everything seems confusing, the road that I should follow don’t have any signboards to confirm if I’m on the right track and sadly I can’t turn on the direction since I’ve used up my data. I keep on looking around and trying to understand the Google Map, mind me because that was the first time I use map to find my location by walking. As I busy looking over the map, a gentlemen cross the road and started to offer a help, as he look through the address and the map, he gave me the proper direction and after turning back to cross the road, he went on his way. My, what beautiful people living in Norway, I’m so impressed. I followed the directions that been given to me and finally found my hotel. I love it. Everything seems new and clean. Blessed <3.

3 single bed with private kitchen and bathroom.

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