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Monday 14 November 2016

Traveloghalal | Being a Muslim traveler in New Zealand

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Hope whoever reading this find themselves in a good health and full with blessings from Allah SWT.

It’s been hard at the same time me and my family having splendid time in New Zealand. Subhanallah! The view here are extremely beautiful. All thanks to Allah for His magnificent creation.

I’m lucky enough to have a mother who are so concerned with our appetite and saving her husband’s money from buying foods in Mew Zealand which the groceries here apparently could rip off your wallet especially in city and tourist area. She has packed 25kg of luggage only contain foods such as (Brahim’s, food paste (Tom Yam and Fried Rice) and instant noodles.) of course I have hard time going through New Zealand airport custom as I declared that I bring food with me from Malaysia but it was worth it!


Let me tell you the ugly truth about New Zealand. Since I’ve arrived from Auckland and we droves to Egmont, my patience have been tested dealing with local groceries who apparently couldn’t understand what does ‘Halal’ meats stand for, when I asked for ‘Halal’ meat, they looked at me with weird face and simply pointed all the chicken and meat that they stored in their fridge. Mind this folks, you might be unlucky like us who simply can’t find any ‘halal’ labels in groceries and even in restaurants which sellings kebabs (also serve pork kebab), malaysian cuisine (who urge that they sell halal meat but the owners are from China and and sell ‘satay kajang’ but didn’t know where does ‘satay kajang’ comes from).

I don’t mind if they did not have the Halal label,  as I read it somewhere over internet that they’ll be charged more to produce halal meats in New Zealand by tax and services, but to know that how their lack of knowledge in terms of halal products simply stunned me. I end up dealing with one of the seller in a grocery who gave me Pork chop after my younger sister asked meat for Muslims. I wonder..

After bumpy ferry ride(due to weather, the waves was quite strong, I got seasick for the first time and threw up so many times, luckily Interislander waitpersons are very nice and keep checking on their guests who are having seasickness by providing paper bags for throwing up, tissue papers, a cup of ice to make your seasick lesser and even offer to throw your used paper bags so you don’t have to move where you’re at. From Wellington harboured at Picton, me and my family spent a night in Parklands Marina Holiday Park, very warm welcome, lovely and friendly owner. Clean and helpful too! They also provide map for us where we can find restaurants and cafe nearby. In the morning we drove to the location where the owner indicated, we stopped by some local supermarket to restocks our food in the caravan, and wandering around to find cafe who can at least respect the vegetarian eaters.

Found a cafe names Gusto, having a father who is very concerned about the way they cook(such as, types of oils they use to fried the eggs) I went insde the cafe and nicely asked to fried eggs with vegetable oil. The owner went to the kitchen and said they have canola oils and suggested to make vegetarian omelette for us. Very nice owner and felt released immediately and went ordered the omelettes, vegetable pies and sandwich (which the owner explained if I’m okay with dairy products that contained in the sandwich like cheese).

The food was so nice! Alhamdulillah! It was the best croissant sandwich and omelette I ever had.

Will updates more about the earthquakes in New Zealand and where we spent our nights after evacuated in Hanmer Springs. Love ❤️.

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Vegetarian Omelette.


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Bagel with cream cheese and jams.


Long Black coffees.


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